About us

Story Behind Neon Lives Official?

Neon lives official is a startup based in India. This is founded by a Corporate slave who just got frustrated from his job and got hit by an idea to start something of his own. The idea was to deliver smiles and see how it feels when you cater to the needs of people around you. 

Gradually, we started finding people around us to do the collaboration with and start working on the idea. Now, after a complete one year of research work, we are here to offer a wide range of products on our website and will be soon expanding by offering other range of products as well.

Also, as the name has been selected as Neon lives official which itself means that we are giving lives to all the Neon Lights we are preparing as our Craft men work in such a way that the final outcome is prepared with perfection and utmost satisfaction.

Our range of products includes the following:-

  • Customized Neon Sign Boards
  • Pre-designed Neon Quotes
  • Pre-designed Neon Art
  • Neon Signs collection based on interest
Why buy from Neon Lives Official?
  • We have a team of experienced craft man preparing the neon signs to utmost perfection.
  • Full Customization will be done as per your requirements.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed as we have a full-proof customer relationship team
  • Express and Safe Delivery available all over India.
  • Perfect Gifts for your loved ones for any occasion.