Shipping & Delivery

How long will shipping take?

- As we rely on couriers to safely deliver your neon sign, it may take a little bit longer than usual to reach you during this period. We aim to have your signs with you within 10-15 days from the payment date; this includes production & shipping time.

Why shipping time is approximately 2 weeks?

- All our neon signs are handcrafted every time once customer places order on our site. Since, these are made to order for all our individual clients, it requires some minimum production time to process it and then, shipping time taken by courier partners. So, in total the final product will reach you within 2 weeks.

Can I get my order on urgent basis ?

- Yes, of course we have rush order facility available. Urgent orders can be delivered within 7 to 8 days depending on the delivery location. You can avail the facility by making 5% additional charges applicable on total bill. Please reach out to us at 78 38 409462 incase of rush order, our team member will guide you on the same.

Is there any shipping cost?

- Neon Lives offers free shipping across India. So this means there are no hidden charges at all like shipping or delivery charges. 

Designing your custom Neon

What is the process for a custom sign?

-Custom neon Sign can be made using our Custom Builder Tool there on our website. You can visit the same to create your own imagination.

Can I design my text or quote free of cost?

- Yes of course, its 100% free to use our Custom Builder tool to create your text or quote Designs

Can I choose any color or font on the tool?

- Yes, you can choose any color or font as per your preference

 Does the sign look exactly like the design?
-We do our best to ensure that your neon sign looks like the design you purchased which is showcased on our website. It is important to note that the color of the neon light is very difficult to capture exactly on media because of the way in which color is displayed on screens, so there may be a slight difference in color only else everything will be same.

 I want to customize some logo or graphic, can I do that on tool ?

Our custom sign maker is perfect for creating neon word signs, personalized name signs and neon light quotes. If you are looking for something different, such as a Business Logo Sign, Custom Open Signs, or Unique Neon artwork, we would love to work with you on a design. We can do almost any font, shape, style and design - turning your vision into a neon masterpiece! Contact us with your ideas now.

Custom Neon Sign Board

What is an LED neon sign made from?
-Our neon signs are powered by LED lights, cased in flexible rubber tubing, and attached to a PVC & acrylic board. We have chosen LED neon because they use much less energy compared to glass tube neon and of course, will not break if they fall while being much better value for money!

How is an LED neon sign powered? 
-All of our LED neon signs come with a power adaptor. They run at 12V so do not produce much heat even with prolonged use.

Is there any special installation required?

-All of our LED neon signs are so easy to mount on your walls. They are all securely attached to an acrylic backing which can either be a squared-off piece or cut to shape. Both have pre-drilled holes for you to be able to mount them, just like a picture frame and you also get mounting chain along with the signs free of cost to mount it directly on the walls of your room without any hassle. Once mounted, they are simply plugged into the power socket and you can immediately enjoy their glow!!!

Do LED neon signs need any maintenance?

-A simple no! Just a wipe down with a cloth to keep it free from dust is all that is needed.

Do your products come with a warranty?

-Yes! we cover 6 months warranty on the neon Signs Boards and its related accessories

What is covered as part of warranty?

-As a part of warranty, we cover any manufacturing defects and non-functioning of the entire neon sign up to a period of 6 months. Any mishandling/damage performed by customer will not be covered as a part of warranty. 

What is the eligibility criteria of warranty of the neon sign ?

-Warranty of the neon sign will be eligible only if the whole neon sign stops working but in case there is one or two LEDs stopped due to regular usage and normal wear & tear, that will not be considered as a part of Warranty.