Size chart

Below are size details for a Neon Sign made in one line. For multiple Lines Neon signs, the height will get increased proportionally as the number of lines increases. Neon sign is made on transparent acrylic base on which the lights are fixed, height and width of the actual sign changes accordingly on the basis of the font, shape, number of letters you choose and number of lines of text. We make sure that there should not be any variation in the sizes mentioned in this chart and the actual outcome. However, a small variation of 2-3 inches might be there because of the following rare scenario.

There might be a rare cases if the font or the no of letters you chose are not fitting in the size you have ordered we will change the height and width of the acrylic accordingly so that overall outcome based on the selected font and shape don't get hampered.

NOTE: The thickness of all the fonts will be of same based on the standard thickness of Neon Flexible Light. However, there might be some font on the tool that may have more thickness compared to usual ones. But the actual outcome will be based on standard neon thickness, the given fonts are just for reference how final neon will look like.